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First time in yoga class

prvi sat yoge


Yoga is much more than just physical activity, although it is the part we do the most, it is a connection of mind and body, breath and movement.

Despite the images you can see on Instagram and other social networks, yoga is not a pose that looks like mortals can’t perform it, you don’t have to be either flexible or have a certain body type to be able to practice yoga. Yoga will help you accept yourself and return to your true Self.

What to expect when you arrive to your first class?

Kao prvo, izaberite abc sat (absolute beginner class 😉 ) ili slow flow kako  biste mogli sve pohvatati i uživati u satu. Ponesite udobnu odjeću u kojoj se možete lagano kretati, bosi smo.

These are some technical details, and the much more important ones are:

Come with an open mind and an open heart! Don't worry if something is not clear to you or if it is difficult for you, we usually encounter a lot of new things and challenges that we are not used to.

Most people come to their first yoga class because of the problems with the spine, stiff shoulders, sore knees and other ailments of the modern lifestyle. We live with constant stress, we can’t relax, very often we can’t fall asleep or we have trouble sleeping.

In class, you will be re-introduced to your breath. Most of us rarely take deep breaths during the day, we breathe shallowly and rapidly, and it is only in a yoga class that we take a break for the first time, becoming aware of ourselves, of our breath.

Whether you can't perform a position (asana) due to a physical problem (bone structure, injuries, etc.) or you are not sure how, there are always modifications that are not a "less advanced" position, but simply a different position! Use props, blocks are your friends! Although we sometimes use props on abc class to make some asanas easier for us, sometimes we use them to deepen the position or discover some completely new effect of the same.


And most importantly:

Don’t compare yourself to others! Each of us comes from different life circumstances and habits, each of us IS different so we cannot expect the yoga practice to be the same for all of us.

We were all beginners once, don’t compare your first time to someone’s twentieth or hundredth!


See you on the mats!


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